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Powerful, yet simple.
Your data stays in Canada.

Take your first steps into the cloud.

"Cloud's supposed to be this easy..."

In an ever evolving world where businesses search for efficient digital storage options, more and more organizations are turning to cloud computing for solutions.

With Nesda Cloud, you take your current business and transfer any or all files to our data centres knowing they are safe and secure.

Our secure, state-of-the-art data centres are centrally located between Toronto and Ottawa in Eastern Ontario.


  • With employees increasingly working outside the office, how can you give them the tools they need to be productive?
  • As they use a growing range of mobile devices to do that work - from PCs, to laptops, to tablets and convertibles - how can they stay productive as they move from one device to the other?
  • With employees working in dfferent locations, what tools are needed to enable them to work together?
  • How can your business keep data protected after it walks out the door?

I.T.'s time for the Cloud Canada!

We provide many different Cloud services including flexible data storage options to customize the perfect plan for you and your company.

The data center public cloud Public Cloud

This is the storage the general public uses. It is inexpensive and gives you access to more resources.

The data center private cloud Private Storage

The private cloud keeps away extra traffic and allows you to make changes to your infrastructure as you see fit.

The data center hybrid cloud Hybrid Cloud

Why not both? Store data in the private cloud while still gaining all of the benefits from the public cloud.

The data center public cloud Fully Managed

Secure digital storage, file backups, server and virtual work station options and more. Your Nesda Cloud team will manage everything for you.

The data center public cloud Data Migration

We can also help you take the steps needed to migrate your data to the cloud. If you are in need of network support, we are more than happy to help you too.

Nesda Cloud: Fast. Powerful. Secure.

You can trust your business data with Nesda Cloud.

Nesda Cloud: Fast. Powerful. Secure.

You can trust your business data with Nesda Cloud.

Why the Cloud?

With all the talk of the cloud computing today, it can be helpful to take a step back and really understand what the cloud is and why it matters to your business.

It means you can be up and running fast. You bring products and services to market faster than the competition, and spend more time innovating and less time managing IT infrastructure.

It means you instantly have global scale. So you have everything you need to support your business growth ready to go when you need it. This means you don't have to worry about running out of capacity for things like file storage or scaling up your applications to support more eemployees or customers.

Specialized Cloud I.T.

Still not sure which cloud would be right for your company? No worries.

Contact us and our expert I.T. Consultants will set you up with the perfect plan based on your business needs. In addition, we will help you make the steps needed to migrate your data to our data centres.

If you are in need of on-site network support* with your current cloud provider, we are more than happy to help you.

The Cloud Canada data center - Services

Nesda Cloud Services

Fast, redundant, state-of-the-art equipment at our Eastern Ontario data centres is ready to grow with your business. Best of all? Your data never leaves Canada!

The Cloud Canada data center - BackUp

Virtual Backup

Nesda Cloud ensures business continuity should disaster strike. Safely saved to the Cloud, your data, documents and even your own server is physically protected off site.

The Cloud Canada data center - Access

Broad Network Access

Tie your internal network directly into your virtual network. Access your data from anywhere, any time.

The Cloud Canada data center - Colocation


Locate your physical infrastructure in our secure, climate controlled data centres. Multiple fast fiber connections, generator power backup, secure controlled access.

The Cloud Canada data center - Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

Get the full exchange experience, email, calendars, groups, without the expense and hassle of building your own Exchange server.

The Cloud Canada data center - Measured Services

Measured Service

Keep track of how much data you are using on the cloud in order to decide if your company needs more storage or resources.

The Cloud Canada data center - Scalability


Need more power? Need less power? Change your virtual infrastructure on demand as your needs change.

The Cloud Canada data center - On Demand

On Demand Capabilities

You have the ability to change your options directly through Nesda Cloud. Take charge of your data. Get your personalized plan.

The Cloud Canada data center - On Demand

Remote Desktop Server

Using the Remote Desktop program available on a majority of devices, work on projects, access, upload and download files.


  • Potential exposure of sensitive data creates significant business risk
  • Inadequate data backup can result in lost files and valuable work time
  • Unexpected events can bring business to a halt and risk lost customers
  • It is complex and time consuming to meet compliance requirements

Why is Cloud Security So Important?

Sensitive data can be exposed if a tablet or mobile devices are stolen from outside of the workplace

The data center public cloud

Loss of valuable information and work time if files are accidentally deleted and backups do not exist

The data center public cloud

A halt to business can occur if a disaster hits, such as a fire or a flood

The data center public cloud

Additional time and resources are required to maintain compliance requirements

4 Ways Nesda Cloud Can Safeguard Your Business

Get advanced data protection built-in at every level of IT

Easy, affordable data backup, ready when needed

Be back online in minutes when the unexpected happens

Reduce risk with easier compliance

Nesda Cloud serves businesses and organizations throughout North America.

Our highly experienced team is here for you. Ask not what you can do for the cloud. Ask what the cloud can do for you.

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